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Jean-Michel Cazabat Lara Open Toe Booties



Jean-Michel Cazabat Lara Open Toe Booties in Stone - Snagged off

Victorialand Short Sleeve Cutout Shirt in Warm Neutral- Snagged off

LNA Lace Striped Leggings in Black - Snagged off

Chanel Globe and Pearl Double Strand Necklace - Gift from Boyfriend at Chanel in Barcelona, Spain

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Bralette - Snagged off

After returning from a delicious spaghetti dinner at a local restaurant we decided to snap some photos of my Friday night dinner outfit.  I was pretty stuffed from all those noodles, but I wanted to show you my new shoes.  I swear these are the most comfortable shoes I own due to the padded toe area.  I feel like I am wearing my Nike running shoes.  The color is a nice change from the usual black and I think the big tongue is pretty cute.  The cutout shirt by Victorialand is so soft and the perfect color for spring and summer.  I added my lace banded leggings by LNA to finish off the look.  I like this Chanel necklace because it is so different from the ones you usually see around.  I call it my globe necklace.  We picked up this plant at the grocery store earlier this week for $10 along with another gorgeous fern.  We decided we have enough animals, but we could use some more foliage around the house.



Miu Miu Patchwork Wedges



Miu Miu Patchwork Wedges in Brown - Snagged off on sale

Binetti Sabri Blouse - Snagged for 70% off on

Isharya Zahir Enamel Earrings in Turquoise - Snagged off

Oliver Peoples Coquette Tortoiseshell Sunglasses - Gift from Boyfriend

Jimmy Choo Large Saba Bag in Off White - Gift from Boyfriend a few years ago at Chicago Jimmy Choo Store

Abercrombie and Fitch Light Wash Denim Cut-Off Shorts - Snagged at Abercrombie in Cherry Creek Mall

Only Hearts Bike Shorts in Nude - Snagged off

We have been having some warm, sunny weather lately so I thought it would be relaxing to sprawl out on a blanket in the grass and enjoy the birds and all the plants in full bloom.  More often than not, I fall back on my favorite bohemian chic looks.  I have a few tops by Binetti that I snagged off Shopbop for 70% off and they are all so gorgeous and silky.  I don't think they sell the Binetti brand anymore, but I will cherish the few pieces I do have because they fit my style so well.  When I put this outfit together for the day I was going for a white/beige/light wash denim color scheme.  I know everyone likes wearing black bike shorts under denim, but I thought why not try some nude colored bike shorts under lighter colored denim.  These patchwork wedges by Miu Miu are ultra comfortable and I love the intricate stitching.  The blue earrings add a nice pop of color and I absolutely love the design on them.  They get a little heavy, but my earlobes rarely get a workout.  My stay on the grass ended with my boyfriend bringing out some strawberries for us to enjoy. 



Miu Miu Sparrow Print Pumps







Miu Miu Sparrow Print Pumps - Snagged off

R.J. Graziano 5 Strand Pearl Necklace - Gift from Boyfriend

Tucker Silk Henley Tunic in Navy - Snagged off

ASOS Nude Heart Suspender Sheer Tights - Snagged off

Yesterday we went on a long walk and found a dog named Tux who was lost and about to cross a busy street.  I ran over to him immediately and picked him up because I did not want him to get hit.  I ended up falling in love with him.  He looked very similar to my dog Bella, but bigger.  He was around 20 lbs and I picked him up and checked out his collar while my boyfriend called the numbers on the tags.  I found out later when his owners returned, grateful that we had found him and waited for them, that he was a cockapoo.  I knew he had some poodle in him as I love that poodle coat that never sheds.  Anyway, I was ready to take him home to keep him safe until the owners returned, but luckily I did not have to carry him that far.  As a child I was always bringing lost and stray animals home and I still have that same personality today. 

I got to lay down on our new, soft giraffe rug and decided it would be the perfect backdrop for some photos.  I hope I did these Miu Miu Sparrow Mary Janes justice.  I am in love with these tights I got from Asos last week and I thought the navy and white shoes would look really cool with them.  I adore the heart suspender detail and the color.  I bought them in black as well.  I guess you could say I am doing a little bit of print on print in a more subdued fashion.  Who would have thought hearts and sparrows could mix so well?  I am wearing this tunic as a dress because it is so long and I think the 5 strand pearl necklace was the perfect finishing touch.  I can't wait to style these Miu Mius some more in the future!