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Garden Romp

Trix are for Kids











Blouse - Dorothy Lee

Skirt - Joie

Bra - Carol Malony

Bow Belt - Felix Rey

Pearl necklace - Chanel

Shoes - Dior

I am loving blogging almost more than being in a comparative chordate morphology lab learning all the veins and arteries of the mudpuppy =)  Yesterday I threw the ball for our labradoodle Cruiser until he was so tired he couldn't even keep the ball from rolling out of his mouth with all the drool.  I also went on a long walk. Today I am going biking later.  You can find out about blog updates sooner by following me on twitter (I'm 'fashion snag').




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Abby said...

You look so hot, and fun, and giggles! What a great bow, where did you find that?

31 Aug 09 @ 2:02 PM MDT
goldenmeans said...

what a cute shoot :) i really love the color play between the creamy blouse and the purple skirt and the gold belt, esp. with the chanel necklace and purple shoes thrown in :)

31 Aug 09 @ 2:59 PM MDT said...

Sötast :)

31 Aug 09 @ 4:14 PM MDT Maegan said...

cute! ...I have that belt in silver ;)

31 Aug 09 @ 6:42 PM MDT
Delmy said...

Found your blog through twitter. I love your shoes and your belt!

31 Aug 09 @ 7:13 PM MDT
Anonymous said...

your outfit is cute but you're not sea of shoes (i actually like your outfits more) , so don't try and pose for pictures like her.

31 Aug 09 @ 8:26 PM MDT
Kelsie ( said...

Amazing shoes!! Love the whole look..the trix are a cute theme =]

31 Aug 09 @ 9:30 PM MDT
Anonymous said...

i am crazy about those shoes!!

1 Sep 09 @ 9:04 AM MDT
kirsty said...

wow i am loving the colous here and that belt is great! oh and can i have that necklace please lol xoxoox

1 Sep 09 @ 9:06 AM MDT
Neira said...

those heels..and that bow.. so loving the purple xoxo

1 Sep 09 @ 10:35 AM MDT
Louise said...

Really cute outfit especially the shoes! WOW :)

1 Sep 09 @ 11:58 AM MDT
Louise said...

Thanks so much, that means the world to me :) I really like your blog aswell! :)

1 Sep 09 @ 3:46 PM MDT
Fashion CHALET said...

THOSE SHOES!!!! The skirt and glittery bow are pretty amazing too =) thanks for the comments, Trix aren't just for kids!? ;) xoxo!

1 Sep 09 @ 7:18 PM MDT
Jen said...

Nice outfit, love the shoes!

2 Sep 09 @ 7:04 AM MDT
Lauren said...

Ok, so I now love your blog. And I love that you're from Denver! My family and I adore Colorado, and end up vacationing there once or twice a year. Anywayy I looove that shade of purple, very pretty & works beautifully with your hair color! I'm going to start following your blog regularly, it's gorgeous! xoxo, Lauren "Bohemian Bisoux"

2 Sep 09 @ 8:40 PM MDT
Samantha said...

Ooh, I like your colors! I never thought of fuchsia + cream or fuchsia + gold. They go together surprisingly well. AND THE SHOES! The blouse is my favorite, though. I love puff sleeves. I'm glad you've decided to enter the blogging world, and I can't wait to see more of your posts! - Samantha

3 Sep 09 @ 11:21 AM MDT
mel said...

lovely skirt.ADORABLE shoes ;)

3 Sep 09 @ 12:09 PM MDT
Anonymous said...

the shoes are absolutely gorgeous

4 Sep 09 @ 10:41 AM MDT said...

nice outfit =)

4 Sep 09 @ 1:45 PM MDT
Anonymous said...

OMG I so need those shoes in my life

8 Sep 09 @ 5:58 PM MDT
speechless_fashion said...

this outfit is perfection!

1 Oct 09 @ 4:26 AM MDT
Jyun said...

Love the colours of your outfit and the cute gold bow is so girly

2 Oct 09 @ 6:55 AM MDT
The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes said...

Lovely set of picture :) I particularly love your shoes and skirt, such a nice colour.

4 Oct 09 @ 1:11 PM MDT said...

Stunning, babe, absolutely stunning! The colours are incredible and you look divine.

4 Oct 09 @ 3:28 PM MDT
Marie said...

I am totally INLOVE with this outfit! I just love it! I love the purply pink skirt with the off white flowy top and that u cinched it at the waist with a gold belt with a bow! Loooove! and the pearls were a great finishing touch!

29 Oct 09 @ 1:54 PM MDT
Marie said...

Hello!! I loved this outfit so much that I featured it on my blog. I hope you dont mind, I added a link to your blog as well. Go take a look! PS: If you prefer I didnt add this to my blog, just let me know and I will gladly take it down.

2 Nov 09 @ 12:52 AM MST said...

looove the outfit. great pics!

29 Nov 09 @ 1:43 PM MST


Love the shoes...


Very cute outfit. :)

x Krizia


those are some sick heels...its great how they match the skirt!!

-He approves

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