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Navajo Sweater



Abercrombie and Fitch Navajo Sweater - Snagged online at

Abercrombie and Fitch White Ruffle Peasant Camisole Top - Snagged online at

J Brand Lovestory Bell Bottom Jeans in Ink - Snagged at Boogie's in Aspen, Colorado

Target (Xhilaration) Brown Buckle Boots - Snagged at Target in Denver

These photos were taken before and after a movie outing with my boyfriend. It was a slushy night so I took out my trusty Target boots and my warm Navajo sweater.  I searched for the word 'navajo' on the Shopbop website and 5 results came up with similar sweaters to the one I am wearing in these photos.  The only difference is that my sweater cost $30 and the ones on Shopbop cost between $300 and $600.  Oh, this sweater has pockets too, which always come in handy.  Italian leather is nice, but it never fares well in snow and rain so I turn to my favorite Target buckle boots.  I love this sweater and sometimes this is my favorite style of dressing.  I have a deep love for bell bottom jeans and the bohemian look.  I think it is nice to pull out flare jeans every once and a while because skinny jeans can be a little constricting. 

My boyfriend decided to smuggle his old D60 into the movie theater so when I came out of the bathroom after the movie was over I was a little shocked to see him snapping photos.  We have been using the D300s so often now so when I saw the D60 again I almost burst out laughing because it looked so tiny, thus the goofy smile in the first move theater photo.

Denver is starting to thaw out a little bit and we have gotten back to our normal routine of walking every day around the neighborhood.  It is nice and refreshing to be out and exercising again.  I love the outdoors.  We saw a fox today on our walk so we had to be extra careful when we took the toy poodles outside for their bathroom breaks. 



Pucci in the Kitchen


Elizabeth and James Green Orchid Trapeze Blouse - Snagged off

Elizabeth and James White Tuxedo Blazer - Snagged off

Free People Black High Waisted Skirt - Snagged off

Rock and Republic White Alissa Leather Belt - Snagged off

Emilio Pucci Black Cutout Studded Leather Sandals - Snagged off

I wanted to find a way to make this gorgeous Elizabeth and James blouse more fitted and I thought a white belt would be perfect, yet different from the usual black belt.  The evergreen color of this top is one of my favorite colors and it seems to go well with my red hair.  I added a white tuxedo blazer to tie in with the belt for some photos and I think it looks cute both ways.  This Free People skirt has come in handy on many occasions.  It is great to throw in your suitcase and the price is easy on the wallet.  I decided to leave the look simple with no jewelry as I thought the belt and the studded heels seemed to do the accessorizing on their own.  These heels are perfection and as soon as I spotted them I fell in love.  They started selling out like crazy so I caved and bought them instead of waiting for a sale, which I usually like to do.  I don't regret my purchase because they look as beautiful in the photographs as they do in person and they are a tough shoe, meaning they can take some abuse here and there and still look feminine.  The heel is definitely cool due to the little notch at the top.  My first Pucci anything and I am not looking back!

We decided to shoot in the kitchen, which I think turned out quite nicely because the white cabinets match my belt and blazer.  I grabbed whatever was available and had fun.  Some of my favorite items to spice up dishes include agave nectar, olive oil, and vinegar.  I put olive oil on everything.  Whenever I have soup I always like to pair it with some tough sourdough bread toasted in the oven with olive oil.  The only dressing I like for salads is homemade oil and vinegar with some pepper thrown in for good measure.  Agave nectar is perfect for sweetening up your green tea and melted chocolate.  Don't ask me how many almonds I eat a day because the number is pretty high.  I prefer them covered in dark chocolate, but I will take them plain too.  I like to sneak some to the squirrels in the backyard when my boyfriend isn't looking.

I hope you enjoy the post and remember you can follow me on Twitter, Google Friend Connect, and Bloglovin.  I always notice my new followers and it makes me smile. This blog is a form of artistic expression for my boyfriend and I and we enjoy coming up with new photos and making the settings interesting to the eye.  We were so famished after this photo shoot in the kitchen that we actually put those pots and pans to good use and made a delicious vegetable stir-fry. 



Faux Fur Fantasy


Kova & T Black Lace Renata Keyhole Back Dress - Snagged off

Deep in Vogue Vera (Gruhche on Etsy) Cream Faux Fur Scarf - Gift from Vera

Danskin Black Opaque Tights - Snagged off

Fendi Black Suede Wedge Shoe Boots - Snagged off

Hermes Gold and Black Wide 'H' Hinge Bracelet - Gift from Boyfriend

What can I say?  I am loving lace more than ever so I decided to break out one of my favorite (and my boyfriend's favorite) body-con dresses on a snowy day. I love the back details on this dress and the three buttons on the back of the neck.  The sunshine hasn't shown its face for a few days and Colorado has finally decided to kick this whole winter season into high gear, much to my dismay.  I haven't let the weather dampen my spirits though.  I dressed up in some suede wedges I know would never make it through the snow without being permanently disfigured.  I love the shiny wedge detail and the mesh inset upper.  Can you tell I read the clothing descriptions on Shopbop a little too often?  These things are going to be cute once the snow goes bye bye. 

I buy absolutely everything Vera makes because the quality and design is always perfect and in one of my recent Deep in Vogue packages she threw in this cream colored faux fur scarf, which is so soft I think I could sleep with it every night.  I decided to pair it with black for a rich black and cream/gold color scheme.  We set up our photoshoot in a corner bar of the master bedroom and went to town.  My dear boyfriend bought me this lovely bangle that he picked out himself from Hermes.  He has pretty good taste in jewelry and I make sure to let him know.  I picked up this stuffed kitty at the Denver Zoo when my sister, niece, and nephew visited us in Colorado in the summer of 2008.  He still had his tags on, but I finally cut them off for the photos.  I love his big blue eyes.  My niece picked out the same cat on that trip.  I think he loves Vera's faux fur scarf just as much as I do.