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Adam Stretch Linen Boy Blazer in Peach - Snagged off for $345 Retail

Siwy Camilla Cut Off Shorts in It's Magic - Worn before here with Alexander Wang boots

Alaia Patent-Leather Ankle Boots in Black - Worn before here with Geren Ford skirt and Alexander Wang top

Nanette Lepore Take Me Away Cami in Black - Snagged off for $100 (Retail: $250)

Alexander Wang Knit Bra in Black - Snagged off for $270 Retail

I filled a hole in my wardrobe when I found this peach linen blazer by Adam on Shopbop's website.  I longed for a perfect peach blazer with minimal shoulder pads as my shoulders are already pretty square.  This one fit the bill quite nicely for summer.  The only downside is that the linen wrinkles easily, but the jacket itself is lined in silk and has an amazing fit.  Best of all, the Adam boy blazer is made in the USA.  I think the peach color is good for the warmer months and it looks great with my skin tone.  Shopbop also packaged it quite nicely on a hanger and with some plastic over it as well.  It sold out on Shopbop the first day it arrived in the peach color and since then they have also offered it in a copper color that is close to selling out too.  I guess the public was really crying out for a peach blazer so I wasn't alone in my quest.  I have another blazer by Adam that I wore and photographed for Fashion Snag a couple years ago.  All his blazers seem to have a great fit and to be pretty high quality.

I paired the peach blazer with this Nanette Lepore silk and lace camisole top that I snagged off Revolve Clothing a couple years ago.  This was one of those pieces I thought I had to have back then and I ended up never wearing it until now.  I am at the point in my closet clean where I have to try on some items I am iffy about and this was one of them.  I think it is a beautiful piece, but definitely not for me.  It is a little big and doesn't fit me quite right.  I like the black lace trim on it and I thought it would accent the peach color of the blazer.  I am not sure if I am going to keep it or donate it at this point.  Underneath it I wore the most expensive bra ever, the Alexander Wang knit bra that I had been drooling over for months on Shopbop.  Do I feel guilty about buying it?  No, because once you have it on you won't take it off because it is the most comfortable bra.  I didn't see it on any other websites either so snag it while you can unless you know of another place that carries it. 

I wore my Siwy camilla shorts in black again.  I am a Siwy addict and I think I have all the colors available in the camilla style.  My boyfriend is afraid that Siwy is going to go out of style and I will be in big trouble because I own so many pairs.  He worries about the strangest things sometimes.  The camilla has an amazing fit and no exposed pockets.  The denim on Siwy jeans is some of the softest I have come across and their jeans are also made in the USA.  For shoes I added some cutout patent leather to spice up the casual denim shorts.  Nothing elevates an outfit to the next level quite like Alaia shoes.  These Alaia ankle boots lack a platform, but they make up for that with a sleek and elegant design that is eye-catching.  Mary Kate Olsen owns these same Alaia ankle boots as well.




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My Style Canvas

Love this outfit. The camisole looks great on you in this pic but I understand feeling like it may not be worth keeping if it doesn't feel right when it's on.

Anyway great combo of items here--the peach blazer gives the outfit a little formality since it would otherwise be very overtly sexy--not that that's a bad thing. And I love that the Alaias have an almost lacey look.


I want that blazer!!

Couture Carrie

Stunning look, darling!

Love those boots!



No tights again :( im a sad panda


Blazer looks great! I can feel the spring breeze from the color :)

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