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Adam Blazer

Denim on Denim


Siwy Camilla Cut Off Shorts in It's Magic - Snagged off for $151 Retail

Kova & T Jessie Tank in Black - Snagged off and worn before here with Stone Cold Fox hitchhiker bloomers and Jessica Simpson platforms and here with Miu Miu t-strap patchwork wedges

Alexander Wang Anabela High Heel Booties in Black - Worn before here with Tolani dress, here with Alexander Wang tunic and Kimberly Ovitz skirt, here with Sea leopard skirt, and here with Miu Miu bell flare pants

Gap Denim Jacket with Sleeves Cut Off (DIY Denim Vest) - Snagged at Gap a long time ago

This outfit is as basic as it gets, but it suits me and it really is me.  I was trying on a bunch of clothes and I had these Siwy camilla black denim shorts on, which I had just gotten in the mail from Black Label Boutique.  I love denim shorts, whether they are low-rise or high-rise.  They are the quintessential piece for summer and Siwy denim makes some of the softest shorts I have come across so I keep collecting more and more.  These are nice because the pocket doesn't hang out from the bottom.  I can go either way, but some people really get worked up about the pocket overhang situation.  I have better things to worry about, like guinea pigs with bacterial infections. 

I have had this Gap denim jacket for a while and it never fit quite right.  In the midst of my closet clean I finally gave myself permission to cut off the sleeves, something I have been wanting to do from the moment I bought it.  In that instant it was transformed into the perfect denim vest.  I am no DIY master, but I do know how to work a pair of scissors since I groom all my dogs myself.  I think I was worried I would do a bad job cutting off the sleeves, which really makes me sound like a perfectionist.  I plead guilty.  Anyway, cutting off the sleeves of this jacket brought me back to childhood when instead of shopping for denim shorts when school got out I would just cut jeans I already owned into shorts.  I was pretty good at it because I liked to make sure both legs were even and I always allotted extra room because you can always make the shorts shorter, but you cannot make them longer once the fabric is gone.  It was a good feeling and it made me think of all those summers riding my bike and going to the library to get 15 more Sweet Valley High books to read.  One time I even won a huge container of Laffy Taffy candies for reading the most books in a month.  Too bad I didn't like Laffy Taffies.




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Why are your shoes always so amazing?! ;)

Neijah Lanae

Amazing shots! Love the Alex Wang booties!



Love the shorts!!


Those boots are insanely cool!


Reeally, really, GREAT !

And gosh I so love Alexander Wang shoes !!!!!!


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