3.1 Phillip Lim Suede Pants
Balmain Fringe Boots

Kenny Guadalajara Shorts


Kenny Guadalajara Shorts in Black with Fuchsia Sombrero - Snagged off Shopbop.com for $132 Retail

Dior Bonnie Stamped Croc Wedge Sandals in Black - Worn before here with Anna Sui romper and here with American Apparel skirt and Kain crop top

Kimberly Ovitz Riskin Tank in Albino - Snagged off Shopbop.com for $185 (retail: $230)

Victorialand Inset Combination Shirt in White - Snagged off RevolveClothing.com for $68 (Retail: $160)

As soon as I saw these shorts I thought they were really adorable, unique looking, and quite colorful for spring.  Usually the prices on shorts like these can go up to $300, which I know is steep, but I have been known to pay that much for some shorts depending on materials.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that these were priced pretty reasonably at $132.  They are made in the USA of woven cotton, which looks really intricate when you see them up close.  The donkey pattern all over them only made me fall for them more.  Needless to say, I snagged them right away for full price off of Shopbop only to see them sell out hours later.  I have seen these at other stores online in different colors and prints like blue and pink.  Kenny knows how to make shorts as these are quite comfortable.  I also like to tell people that I am wearing my Kenny shorts when they ask about them.  It just sounds intriguing and it makes me giggle.

I kept the rest of the outfit simple as to emphasize the print shorts.  I am wearing a beautiful silk tank by Kimberly Ovitz.  I think every woman needs some basic silk tanks like these in their closet because there are so many ways they can be worn.  This one is quite sheer, which I happen to like because then I can pair it with all kinds of lacy bralettes.  The tank is made in the USA and it is very high quality.  The hemline is a little asymmetrical, which adds character.  If I had the whole Kimberly Ovitz spring collection in my closet I would definitely be a happy girl.  Next time I will wear it untucked so you can see it in its full glory.

I kept the white theme going on top by adding an unbuttoned Victorialand half mesh, half cotton shirt as my outerwear.  I own another top by Victorialand that has cool cut out sleeves that I photographed for Fashion Snag early last year.  This shirt I am wearing has all kinds of insets of sheer silk combined with cotton bits.  It is a soft shirt and you can wear it in lots of different ways.  For shoes, I wore one of my favorite pairs from my collection, the Dior bonnie wedges.  These are actual walking shoes and my feet never get sore.  I think my Dior purple cutout wedges are comparable in comfort.  I like the croc look on these and the strap placement.  You can wear them with tights or without tights and they look just as good.





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I really love these :) Reading back through your blog, I love how your style is so pared-down, but you still seem to have a penchant for detailed pieces. I also really like that you pay attention to fabric and where things are made, which is something that not many people seem to be aware of today. xx


Aprilia Love

Those shorts are surely something! I love them! http://aprilialove.com

Couture Carrie

Those shorts are so fun, darling!
And I love the sandals too ~ wow!



These wedge sandals look really cool, good to know they are comfortable as well!


fabulous shoes! Love the entire outfit...such great combinations!



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