Camo Sweater
Beaded Shorts

Leopard Coat

This was basically the calm before the big blizzard.  We were out to sushi and we shot some photos, but had to return home quickly because it looked like the sky was gonna open up.  I was wearing some beaded shorts with tights, a cashmere sweater, and black ankle boots.  To liven things up I threw on a classic leopard coat and a small purse.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my videos.  



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Love it!

Jennifer Hermon

totally lovely. I'm excited to have someone in Colorado to follow and get inspiration from !


janika R

Love your coat and shorts..

xo Janika

latest tandencies in fashion

Love so much the leopard is beautiful!


please tell me that's a faux fur coat.


Of course it is!


Just got a leopard trench. Love this look. Thanks for the inspiration.


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