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(Elizabeth and James Shirt, Rag & Bone/JEAN Leather Shorts, Givenchy Bag, Free People Bra, Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals)

Plaid is upgraded to a whole new level when it is painted on silk chiffon fabric.  A black and white color scheme allowed me to wear this obnoxiously bright red bag.  You last saw the shorts styled here with a colorblock crop top.  The shorts have a great fit with very little gaping at the waist.  They follow your curves instead of hiding them.  The perforated leather combined with the sheer silk was a nice contrast of fabrics.  You need a bra with an interesting back when you wear a sheer top like this one.  The one I am wearing is probably the most comfortable one I have ever purchased and the crisscrossing straps in the back are meant to be shown off.




Check out the video to see how the light shines through this perforated leather top, something that photos can't quite capture.  I paired it with my white leather skirt you've seen before here and a really affordable and comfortable bra.  I finished off the look with a gold cuff and earrings from Kendra Phillip.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my videos.


Red And White









(Love Leather Top and Skirt, Free People Bra, Kendra Phillip Earrings and Cuff, Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals)

I was originally going to pair this perforated leather top with white cropped skinny jeans, but I actually think it looks much better with this white leather skirt.  I guess I unintentionally let out the cheerleader inside of me with this outfit, at least according to my boyfriend.  Just to let you know, I was never a cheerleader in high school.  It definitely wasn't my thing.  I was cast as a cheerleader and played one in a drama and play production in high school though.  Otherwise, I was busy buried in my books and music.  The last thing on my mind was the football or basketball game.  I am still the same today, but I do enjoy participating in many athletic activities.  However, I do not like sitting on the sidelines just watching.  I have to be out there.  In high school, gym was pretty much a drag because for some reason they scheduled it right after lunch.  Now I know why I could only run one lap before getting a terrible side stitch.  I also suffered from asthma.  I just thought I wasn't meant to run.  Now I can run like the wind, the wind I tell ya.