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Leather Piping

Check out the video to see a classic look for spring/summer 2014!  Shop the entire look below.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my videos.


















(Rag & Bone Shorts, A.L.C. Top, Celine Bag, Ginette_ny Ring, Vita Fede Ring, Saint Laurent Pumps)

This was such a great sunset.  The weather was warm, but not too hot like it was during the day on my walk.  I wore a really cute and breathable linen top that features a silk underlay and leather trim around the collar.  This top has a boxy fit which makes it work well with shorts that show a lot of leg.  Even though the top is cropped it still gives off a somewhat conservative vibe in my mind.  I was up in the air about what shorts to pair this with and I had two options in my head.  I was going to wear my J Brand leather shorts or these leather trimmed track shorts.  In the end, and thanks to the weather, I slipped on the track shorts.  Next time I will try the all-leather shorts with this top.  The patent pointed pumps glammed up the look a bit and the tote bag added some green color to the beige and black outfit. 

Ever since I started making more of an effort to paint my nails I've been snagging some really cool rings and wearing ones I forgot about in my jewelry box.  This one has an interesting shape to it and the details are phenomenal.  I hope I can keep up with the fingernail painting.  It is difficult when I spend a lot of my days going on hikes near muddy creeks with my dog or throwing the tennis ball for him and subsequently pulling it out of his slobbery mouth.  I like having the mix to my personality though.  I could never be a total girly girl so if you see some chipped nails or nail polish don't be surprised. 



Urban Pearl

Check out the video to see a classic, yet edgy look for spring/summer 2014!  Shop the entire look below.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my videos.