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best mom



(H&M Jacket, Vintage Avon Earrings, Splendid Turtleneck, Levi's Jeans)

Get as many photos as you can with your pets.  Right here are the loves of my life.  Do yourself a favor and get as many pets as you can instead of boyfriends and husbands.  That is the truth right there!  I think this day I was channeling Steve Jobs.  I need more photos of me with my pets, but no surprise that any guy you hang out with will only want to take sexual photos of you.  Get yourself plenty of girlfriends too.  You will need them in life.  Oh yeah, I speak from experience and channel this under the file "things I wish someone had told me twenty years ago."  Also, remember that nothing is free.  A gift is never a gift.  Something is always expected in return so be careful when you accept gifts from anyone.  They are never free and there is always a price tag attached, especially if the gift is from a man.  It may be invisible, but it is there.  Be independent and free forever from those chains.  The only person who is going to love you unconditionally is your mother, and that is only if you were one of the lucky ones who had a mom for most of your life who was good to you.  No one else will love you that way, ever.  Godspeed.



sailor moon


(Elizabeth and James Sunglasses, Nine West Tote Bag, Vintage Dress, ECCO Ballet Flats)

This isn't the best dress for a windy day, but oh how I love it so.  It makes me feel young again.  I paired it with a thrifted Nine West tote bag that I adore and my favorite flats.  Round sunglasses finished off the retro look.  It feels like me for sure!  Have a blessed Wednesday guys.




(Zenana Outfitters Tee, AG Jeans)

I thought I would do a short posting on some basic items I have been re-wearing over the last month.  My current uniform when I don't know what to throw on and I am in a hurry is this look above.  The AG Jeans (on sale now) are my favorite pair of skinny jeans at the moment.  They have a comfortable fit and they don't stretch out even after several wears.  I like the darker wash because it makes them seem dressier than other jeans.  The black tee was an amazing find for under $10 and it is better than most of my more expensive $80 tees.  I have this same top in gray and navy blue.  It is cotton and super comfortable with a great fit.  It also isn't too short in the body and the v-neck isn't too deep.