Easter Bunny





So the sprinkler guy came to turn on all the sprinklers for spring and summer in the yard.  I came out of the house after my mountain bike ride and saw this baby bunny not moving in the grass and he was slightly damp.  I figured out that the sprinkler guy must have disturbed a nest somehow.  I did some research on the Internet and then came out to find him in the same safe spot where I left him.  I went looking for the nest and found it eventually much to my boyfriend's surprise.  I think he thought I would never find it.  While looking for it I came across another rabbit very similar in size to this original one I found that was out on the lawn.  After finding the nest I brought them both to it and they crawled right in with their brothers and sisters.  I think I saw mom nearby, but not too close.  The nest was pretty far away from where I found both of the rabbits. 

During my research I learned that the mother only comes to feed them once or twice a day so most people think the nest is abandoned, but that is not usually the case.  The mother is nearby, but does not stay right on the nest due to predators.  She wants to steer the predators away from her babies.  I also learned if their ears are still back close to their body and they have a white mark on their head they are not old enough to leave the nest quite yet.  The babies did have their eyes open, but their ears were still back and they had the white mark on their head.  I deposited them in the nest and quickly left and did another scan of the yard to make sure there were no more stragglers.  Contrary to popular belief, the mother will still take care of the babies that were found by me and have a human scent on them.



The Girls


Our two girls decided to join in on the photo shoot.  Bella, my black toy poodle, is quite curious and you can find her wandering around my shoe boxes all day long.  She is very nosey.  Teddi, my white toy poodle, thinks she is the boss and that everyone should cater to her.  We sorta do.  To see more of my girls and the rest of the gang visit the Poodles & Pigs page. 



Ball Time


These photos were too good not to share on the main page of Fashion Snag.  They represent the other side of me, the jock and the huge animal lover.  If there is one aspect of my personality that hasn't changed it is my love of animals.  Since I was a little girl I was obsessed with all types and I took pretty good care of any pets I owned and there were always plenty.  I think if you own an animal you are its guardian and you should take care of it until the very end, whether it be a guinea pig, hamster, dog, cat, or fish.  You can see all my animals by visiting the Poodles & Pigs page.  The Inspiration page also includes some other animals we see around here. 

My boyfriend and I go walking all the time and we run into many dogs that have somehow escaped their yards.  I never want them to get hit by a car so I bring them back to safety and call their owners.  This was such the case on a rainy day this month when I was in my favorite Walmart shorts, Ralph Lauren tee, and Nike shoes.  Bo and Bear were aimlessly wandering the streets in busy traffic and I entertained them for an hour until their owners picked them up.  I introduced Bo and Bear to our Labradoodle Cruiser, but I think Cruiser is more into balls than other dogs to tell you the truth.  He is almost as obsessed with the ball as I am, but trust me I am way more obsessed. 

I throw the ball almost every day for my own dogs, including my two toy poodles.  All I have to say is "ball time" and everyone pretty much knows we are going to be playing.  I am loud and the other dogs in the neighborhood often howl and bark while I play with my own dogs.  They howled incessantly on this day as well.  I didn't let my toy poodles meet Bo and Bear since they are so tiny I have to be careful.  Bo and Bear came all the way from California and are new to the neighborhood.  Bear was my favorite and he is the one featured in a single shot by himself.  He was gentle.  Bo was a little younger and wild I think.  Treats are required after ball time of course and everyone liked the Science Diet biscuits.  Bo and Bear were returned to their owners and I don't know if I will ever see them again, but I sure hope they remember our time together.