Pencil Me In






Cheap Monday Black Lace Up High Waist Knit Pencil Skirt - Snagged off

LNA Ivory Lace V-Neck Tee - Snagged off

American Retro White Angora Jacket with Tie Detail - Snagged off

Hanky Panky Black Lace Bralette - Snagged off

Alexandra Neel Black Veruschka Ankle Platform Sandals - Snagged off

Assael Pearl and Diamond Lariat Necklace - Gift from Boyfriend

My love affair with lace continues in this post!  My boyfriend and I decided to snap some photos in Cherry Creek before we went out for a sushi dinner.  I wore a comfortable stretchy pencil skirt that has really cool chiffon lace up detailing in the back.  I tucked in a lace top, making the outfit look like it was one piece or a dress.  It was pretty warm in the sun, but I took this angora sweater because when the sun goes down in Denver it really cools off.  I guess I forgot how much an angora sweater can shed because I had to bring along my trusty lint roller.  This sweater jacket can be tied up in the front with the silk ribbon making it a wrap, otherwise you can tie a bow in the back for a cute look which is what I ended up doing.  I decided to break out some sandals against my bare legs and I continued my lace up theme.  This necklace I am wearing is adjustable so you can essentially close the diamond circle portion over whichever pearl you want to, changing the length.  

A really fun toy store in Cherry Creek is The Wizard's Chest and we thought the metal wizard was the perfect backdrop.  Down the street in a mall area we found this awesome artistic pole with faces on it.  Later, we came upon a private residence with a beautiful sculpture and quaint benches.  It is amazing how nice it was just yesterday evening when we took these pictures since there is a full scale blizzard going on today.

I looked up what you can do to stop an angora sweater from shedding and there isn't much you can do except put it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for a few hours.  That is supposed to decrease the amount it sheds.  I still love this sweater.  I just have to be careful to wear it with a white outfit next time.