Wang To The Max

DSC_4066 (1)

Bebe Purple and Black Ottoman Bandage Dress - snagged off new with tags

Alexander Wang Black Ottoman Sleeve Suede Motorcycle Jacket - Snagged off

Alexander Wang Black Freja Open Toe Laced Zip Booties - Snagged off

Chanel Camellia Diamond Necklace - Gift from Boyfriend for Valentine's Day

I love these Bebe bandage dresses so much better than the Herve Leger versions.  The Herve Leger ones remind me of putting on biking shorts.  They squeeze me in too much and flatten everything and I can't wait to get out of them.  This is one of my favorite dresses because it follows the shape of my body and I love the color purple.  This jacket is genius and I have had it for a while, but I haven't worn it on the blog.  I tried to resist Alexander Wang pieces, but I have succumbed to some of his designs.  This jacket has detachable sleeves so it can be worn as a vest also.  I love how the silver details pop against the black suede. 

I purchased these Wang boots because I just adored all the zippers and the way they have a double layer and you can cuff them or fold them up.  Also, they were selling out like hotcakes as soon as they popped up on Shopbop and the competitive part of me pulled the trigger.  They are super comfortable so I do not regret my purchase and I love the mirrored heel.  You already know how much of a sucker I am for Chanel, but this Camellia necklace really takes the cake.  It is gorgeous and intricate and I love how it is designed so the petals lay how they would in an actual flower and they are not flat.  My boyfriend is too good to me sometimes so I thank my lucky stars that I have him in my life.  I also parted my hair differently in these shots because I was getting sick of my down the middle part.  Speaking of biking shorts, I cannot wait to start spinning my pedals again this summer.  I miss it more than ever.  



Snow White Leopard















Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat - Express

Knit Bell Sleeve Sweater - Wet Seal

Lace Camisole - Hanky Panky

Body-Con Zipper Skirt - Bebe

Black Opaque Tights - Express

Lace Up Knee High Suede Boots - Giuseppe Zanotti

Gold Owl Necklace - Ben-Amun

This is the first sunny day we have had since my last post.  It still isn't warm enough for biking, but maybe tomorrow.  We went on a long walk today and saw my favorite creature, 'The Sidler.'  The Sidler is a Weimaraner whose real name is Lacy.  I gave her the nickname Sidler because she is a pretty vicious dog when you get to know her.  She sneaks up on walkers and does this whole sidestepping routine with three barks and a snarl at the very end.  Then she might do it a second time just for impact.  She is very sneaky and I think the only person she likes is her owner.  I am an idiot so one day I tried to pet her and she almost bit my finger off.  Never again my friends, never again.  She wears an electric collar and is always out in the yard so maybe that makes her go crazy.  The Sidler is still my favorite dog to see on our walks. You can see photos of him on my 'Poodles and Pigs' page. 

I love this faux fur jacket and also my owl necklace.  You can't see it in the photos, but his body is segmented and he moves around a lot.  This is a great piece to wear to work so you can annoy co-workers because his body rattles around, haha =)  It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine gives that guy Tic Tacs so she can hear when he is approaching.  Man, the simple things in life really are the best, aren't they?  The sweater I am wearing seems really 90s to me in a cropped, bell sleeve sorta way.  I am in love with it.  We also took some photos so you can really see the lace up detail on the back of my boots.



To Bebe or not to Bebe

Dinner 021

Dinner 022_edited-1(2) 


Dinner 054_edited-1(2)

Dinner 112_edited-1 

Dinner 114 

Dinner 089_edited-2

Dinner 087_edited-1 


Dinner 050_edited-1

Dinner 047 

Dress - Bebe

Heels - Bebe

Jacket - Target

Necklace - Ben-Amun

I wore this outfit to sushi and it is almost all Bebe.  It was actually quite comfortable because it was all nylon and spandex.  I love this jacket too.  So adorable and so cheap ($19.99)!  The heels are still available on the Bebe website if you are interested.  I decided to show you my sexy side.  You can't hide behind high waisted full skirts forever, right?  I have gotten mostly positive responses on chictopia, but one person did say it was slutty and I should have worn chunkier shoes.  She said that with my long 'blonde' hair and my 'great figure' it looks a little slutty.  So I guess I am opening this up for comments.  What do you think?  This is the Bebe look, that is why I called it 'To Bebe or not to Bebe.' Are women deemed slutty when they wear a form-fitting dress and heels no matter what?

I just have to add that I love how fast a blog can get 'haters.'  You can't scare me off that easily so stop trying. This isn't high school, but if you want to go back there be my guest.  I do my best with my website and I am gonna keep doing what I am doing because I have a lot of people that like my blog. 

Living well is the best revenge -George Herbert

By the way, I am off to an amazing location today.  Packing is a bit stressful, but once I am there I will be sure to post photos for you guys and have you guess my location by buildings, landmarks, etc.  I am really going to miss my animals.  I have such a hard time leaving them =(  Wish me luck with the airline sushi!