Cobalt Blues



Mike & Chris Brown Chapman Woven Leather Zip Up Hoodie Jacket - snagged off Shopbop

Kenzie Girl Red/Gray Plaid Tunic/Dress - snagged from The Buckle in West Acres mall in Fargo, ND

Abercrombie & Fitch Cobalt Blue Perfect Butt Pants (Half jean/Half legging) - snagged online at Abercrombie.com

Dolce Vita Black Wendy Stovepipe Pull On Leather (Knee High) Boots - snagged off Shopbop

R.J. Graziano White Seed Bangles - Gift from Boyfriend

The Limited Black Sunglasses - snagged from The Limited in West Acres mall

I felt like wearing these cobalt blue pants today, which are insanely comfortable.  This is one of my more casual looks, but I really love it.  I like the pop of blue in the middle of the whole outfit.  This plaid tunic dress I got a couple years ago and still love today seemed like the perfect match over these pants.  These boots are my favorite walking boots and since we were going to Cherry Creek and shopping a bit I thought they would be perfect.  I like the mixing of the brown leather jacket with the black leather boots.  I am in love with the color of this jacket on me and the woven details at the top.  I figured I would give all the high end designer shoes a rest and go back to my good old Dolce Vitas.  I am not afraid to mix high and low and I welcome the challenge.  I think this look is cute for shopping or even going to class. 

We ended up finding this cool alley to take some photos after we took some in the bright sunlight.  Later on we headed into Saks and the only thing I could find, believe it or not, was some Theory cardigan on sale, but one of the ties was broken off on it.  Pretty lame, eh?  I hate when stuff is damaged.  I order online sometimes and it comes damaged.  I go to the store and it is damaged.  I think we need some better quality control.  Do you all like that I am posting more often?  Let me know and I will continue posting more than once a week!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I was featured on Hypeed with my thigh high boots from Gucci.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Thanks for the feature Hypeed!



Miu Miu Studded Sandals




Abercrombie & Fitch Brown Cashmere Long Sleeve Cardigan - bought online from Abercrombie.com

Daytrip Cream Pointelle Knit Long Sleeve Sweater - snagged at The Buckle in the Park Meadows mall

Alice + Olivia Black Leather Cady Cuff Shorts - snagged off Shopbop.com

Express Black Tights - snagged in Cherry Creek Mall

Hanky Panky Black Lace Bralette - snagged at BareNecessities.com

Miu Miu Leather Studded Cutout Sandals - snagged off Net-A-Porter

Shell Necklace - snagged for $10 in Anguilla from a very friendly beach vendor

Oliver Peoples Tortoise Shell Sunglasses - Gift from Boyfriend

Black and brown are reunited and it feels so good, doesn't it?  We headed back to the Design Center and ordered the studded chest.  I was hoping to get a photo of it alongside my shoes in the Century Showroom.  Alas, someone had bought the one on the floor along with a gorgeous chest of drawers growing out of a turtle.  I still want that piece.  The turtle's head, neck, and legs are peeking out at the base of three drawers, almost as if his shell consists of three dresser drawers.  Someone also bought my dresser that had been out on the showroom floor.  What can I say?  I guess I have pretty good taste in furniture.  Not to worry, all these gorgeous items are still available to order.  We found out from our buddy Dave at Century Furniture that they are opening up another showroom down the hall in March, which will feature many studded pieces, including the chest we just ordered. 

The boyfriend and I started re-decorating our house over a year ago and we never quite finished, meaning half of the living room is new and quite lovely, and the other half is still the older pieces we have not found replacements for yet.  While we were in the showroom I asked Dave if he had any fainting sofas in the new collection and he did.  Suffice to say, I fell in love with the fainting sofa he showed me.  I also have a secret love for a fainting sofa in aubergine on the Urban Outfitters website.  I have been lusting after that one for five years now. 

I love this outfit on myself.  It was really comfortable and actually quite warm.  The butt sure stays toasty in leather shorts.  These are my dream leather shorts.  I started actually buying the pieces I wanted most about three months ago and I have never looked back.  It is easy to buy stuff when you think it is a great price, but sometimes you don't always love it to death, right?  Well, take it from me, paying a little extra to get something you swoon over is almost always worth it.  You just get less things and you have to save more.  Also, I have always loved this little sweater I am wearing.  I like how the sleeves are tight and long and it is essentially see through.  Everything I buy from Abercrombie & Fitch never falls apart, ever, no matter how many times I wear the item.  I will always love my Abercrombie and I will always pair it with outrageous designer shoes.  My other favorite item has to be this necklace I bought from Michael on the beach at Cap Juluca.  I loved a lot of his necklaces and I bought more than one, but he sure drove a hard bargain.  He would only tell me the more jewelry I bought from him, the cheaper the price.  I think black and brown can be a fierce mix and I think I did the pair justice in this outfit.



Velvet Baroness



Velvet Jacket - Elizabeth and James

White Tank - Elizabeth and James

Black Lace Bralette - Hanky Panky

Black Back Zip Pants - BCBG

Necklace - Buckle

Lace Up Boots -  Givenchy

This velvet jacket is my favorite item in my wardrobe right now next to my Givenchy lace-up peep toe boots.  The lining of the jacket is so silky and feels so good against my skin.  There is nothing I love more than a form-fitting ribbed white tank top and the extra low scoop back is just the icing on the cake.  I got this necklace in a store in the mall a while back and I was amazed at how great it looks with this jacket.  The jacket changes colors and glows depending on the light.  I recently visited my favorite hair dresser Shirley and she trimmed a few inches off my hair.  I think it looks really nice and trust me, it grows like a weed so it will be down to my butt again in no time at all.  Black lace bralettes are all I am wearing right now.  I remember in high school when someone would wear a black bra with a white top everyone would be talking about her and now it seems like this is what everyone is wearing and I definitely don't object.  I love how fashion evolves.