Citrine by the Stones

3.1 Phillip Lim Fringed Shorts


Anything with fringe catches my attention so of course I had to pull these 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts out of my closet once again.  You saw me wear them almost a year ago I think and they deserve to be shown many more times since they are so unique.  I wore them with a sheer pale pink silk tank, lace bralette, and a gunmetal bangle.  For shoes I wore leg elongating suede ankle strap pumps from Yves Saint Laurent.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my videos.

Yellow Sunshine Shoulders




















Dress - Thayer

Heels - Fendi

Bangle - Citrine by the Stones

We had a couple nice days with lots of sun so I thought I should pull out this long silk dress I have been dying to wear.  I think it goes perfectly with these Fendi heels.  They are just the right color.  Usually I don't look that great in yellow, but this isn't that bright of a yellow so it works for me.  The dress is flowy and we caught a nice wind to show you the shape.  All the photos really show off the draping of the dress from different angles.  

Do you love the pumpkins or what?  I look like I am dancing in the last photo or something.  I was trying to stand in a way to really show off the dress.  I pulled my hair into a ponytail so the revealing back would be more visible.  We have been going on lots of fall walks with the dogs, but no biking.  I wish summer would last forever =)

We order a tomato pesto pizza about once a week and we usually have the same delivery guy who delivers it.  This guy won't hand us the pizza until we give him the money so we asked him if he thought we were going to run off with it and not pay him.  He said that sometimes someone will order a pizza and have it delivered to the house next door.  Then when that delivery guy shows up to the house next door the person who called the order in will steal all the pizzas from his car.  I never knew about this and that people were actually so desperate that they resort to stealing pizzas.  I guess the recession is really taking over if it is affecting pizza delivery guys.