Walking On Broken Glass








(Milly Leather Skirt, Everlane Tee, Giuseppe Zanotti Booties)

Do you ever feel like you are walking on broken glass when you are talking to someone?  There are those certain people you have to be careful around because they are either too sensitive or have really bad tempers.  This skirt reminds me of those people in a way.  It is crackled and broken and who knows, it might wear down over time and come apart at the seams, but for now it is working.  Sometimes distressed leather and distressed people are the most entertaining types to have around.  If you are interested in seeing close-up shots of the shoes from this post follow me on Instagram and Facebook as I post additional photos there that you can't see on the blog.






I am totally into this crackled effect or broken glass effect we've been seeing on certain clothing pieces.  This skirt was no exception.  I paired the skirt with a pretty simple white tee from Everlane that is extra soft.  Don't be fooled.  A good white T-shirt is worth much more than you realize so look for the best.  I finished off the ensemble with huge buckle sandals.  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all my videos.