Foley + Corinna

Lauren Moshi Tee


Lauren Moshi Happy Peace Barbie Crop Tee in Black Rust - Thanks to Tea Leaf Clothing

Foley + Corinna Pleat Front Shorts in Black - Snagged off Gilt Groupe

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Dinah Sandals in Turquoise - Snagged off Gilt Groupe

Temperley London Echo Thin Hip Belt in Black

Only Hearts Venice Lace Cup Bralette in Coral - Last seen here with Gryphon skirt and Givenchy wedges

The lovely Karina from Tea Leaf Clothing sent me my first Lauren Moshi piece and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this casual tee.  It is made of the softest cotton and features those longer 3/4 length close fit sleeves I love.  I also like the tie dye on the tee as it suits my bohemian style perfectly.  I wore the tee off the shoulder, but you could also wear it centered.  I guess I like to show off my lacy bralettes too much these days.  In the summer I like to wear lots of basic tees like this one as they are comfortable in the heat.  This Lauren Moshi tee was made in the USA as well.  Remember you can take 15% off regular priced items at Tea Leaf Clothing by using the code STARSTYLE.  That is a great deal because I think Revolve Clothing only offers 10% off now, which is a major bummer. 

I wore the Lauren Moshi peace tee with some Foley + Corinna pleated front silk shorts.  I do have a story to tell about my order of Foley + Corinna items from Gilt Groupe.  It was quite the experience.  I ordered these black pleated front silk shorts I am wearing as well as the same style in a different color.  I also ordered some lace hot pants by Foley + Corinna off of Gilt.  Well, the order arrived and I tried the lace hot pants on first in my normal size.  One leg was an entire size smaller than the other.  So one side of my shorts looked really short and tight and the other side was loose and normal.  It was almost as if they sewed the right and left leg separately and put them together.  I was pretty appalled by the quality and my boyfriend got a good laugh so I packed those back up and I went to try on the champagne colored silk pleated shorts.  Well, they were really big and the waist was puckering forward in a weird way.  The waistband did not lay against my stomach properly.  I packed those up and went to this black pair in the same size and style and they seemed a lot better and smaller, but after I wore them I noticed the hem is coming undone on the inside of the leg and it was never properly sewn.  Needless to say, this pair of shorts might be going back as well.  I think that is my last time ordering anything by Foley + Corinna because I was not impressed with the quality.  I returned the items to Gilt Groupe and told them what I found.  I think you have to beware of final sale items as I see these shorts are still available on the Foley + Corinna website at a steep discount.  I like the feel of the silk, but they are not worth it if they start unraveling. 

I styled the pleated front silk shorts with this Temperley London belt that I snagged off Shopbop.  I have a large collection of belts, but I don't think I wear them all nearly enough.  I grabbed this one quickly because the waisband of these Foley + Corinna shorts seemed to be expanding and I needed to look somewhat normal.  I like how the stud detailing on this belt is different from the studded pieces you normally see around.  I have a thing for Temperley London and all their belts.  I have one belt by them that has racing horses going around it, but I have yet to wear it.  I think the horses on it are so beautiful.  If you look up Temperley London in the lefthand sidebar of my blog you can see me wearing some other belts. 

For shoes I opted for my flats because I needed some relief from all the high heels I have been wearing.  These are a turquoise suede gladiator sandal.  I really like the color and the style.  I don't own that many flat sandals or ballet flats so it takes a lot for me to like them.  Gilt Groupe was having a sale a year or so ago on Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent shoes and I snagged these along with a couple of other pairs.  I really liked the pop of blue these added to the outfit.  We met a friendly whippet while taking these photos, but he was scared of the flash so we didn't get a great photo of him.  He ran up to me and he was donning this black leather studded collar and let me pet him for quite a while.  After that I really wanted a whippet until I found out that they like to chase rabbits.  I figured that wouldn't work out so well with all my guinea pigs and toy poodles. 






Jimmy Choo Tallys Fringed Bag

DSC_9145 (1)


Jimmy Choo Tallys Fringed Bag in Black - Gift from Boyfriend

Patterson J. Kincaid Sydney Running Shorts in Black - Worn before here with Balmain lace-up boots

Elizabeth and James Elizabeth Camisole in White - Snagged off for $47.50 (Retail: $95)

Foley + Corinna Crochet Crop Sweater - Snagged off for $88 (Retail: $176)

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges in Black - Worn before here with Torn snake dress

My lovely boyfriend bought me this Jimmy Choo fringed bag for my birthday in June.  As you all know, I love anything with fringe so I was very happy with this present.  These Patterson J. Kincaid running shorts are perfect for casual end of summer days.  I feel luxurious when I wear them due to the silk fabric.  I wore them this time with this cool Elizabeth and James cami with a hole in the back of it.  This crochet crop top by Foley + Corinna seemed like the perfect thing to throw over the cami since there was a slight chill in the air.  I wore my Cynthia Vincent luella wedges yet again because they are so comfortable and easy to slip on and off.  We take walks regularly by this beautiful bridge, which just happens to overlook the murky creek I went tubing in with my nephew.



Topshop Wisteria Chiffon Tie Wedges


Pencey Black Lace Bow Top - Snagged off

Free People Soft Pink Lace Trim Bandeau - Snagged off

Elizabeth and James Black Button Back Skirt - Snagged off

Topshop Blush Wisteria Chiffon Tie Wedges - Snagged off

Foley + Corinna Zebra Cardigan - Snagged off

Oliver Peoples Tortoiseshell Sunglasses - Gift from Boyfriend

We strolled into Cherry Creek on yet another sunny afternoon to grab some coffee and check out some gardening shops.  We are really excited to plant our garden again this year.  I wore a long silk maxi skirt, which felt so nice against my skin.  I think maxi skirts are such a great and comfortable clothing item for spring.  The blush and nude color trend for spring is right up my alley so I picked up these Topshop wedges in the blush color.  I thought the chiffon ties were way too beautiful to pass up.  An hour after I bought them they were sold out!  They are pretty comfortable and I love the height, especially with such a long skirt.  I like to pair crop tops with long skirts to balance things out so I reached for yet another lace top.  It was a little chilly when I wasn't in the sun so this zebra cardigan made out of merino wool was the perfect, soft addition to my Sunday afternoon outfit.  While we were strolling down a side street we came upon this tall metal sculpture called "Totem" and we could hardly resist the photo opportunity.  One of the things I really like about Cherry Creek is all of the outdoor art.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.