Kettle Black



Kettle Black Studded Bustier in Black - Worn before here with Chanel cuff, Joie Skirt, and Fendi platform mary jane heels

KAIN Label Pocket Tee in Black - Worn before here with Prada platform patent pumps, Alice + Olivia denim and leather leggings, and Rock & Republic blazer

Siwy Jeans Madeline Shorts in Jet Obsidian - Worn before here with Topshop ankle boots and here with Illia leather tank and Marni wedges

Miu Miu Studded Leather Clogs in Black - Worn before here with J Brand skinny jeans and Winter Kate cardigan and here with Winter Kate dress

I finally took a vacation with my boyfriend to Las Vegas.  I used to travel a lot more, but I haven't went anywhere since Barcelona a couple years ago due to all my animals.  Some of you may remember back in 2009 when I first began blogging I posted many photos from Spain.  It really felt great to see Vegas again.  We stayed at the Wynn in a huge suite, which was more than enough room for the two of us.  I go to Vegas for one reason and one reason only and it isn't the gambling or the shopping.  It is to see my favorite person in the world, Celine Dion, a person I have followed very closely since I was 12 years old.  I don't talk about many personal things on the blog because I like to stay on the topic of fashion as this is a fashion blog.  Besides, if I started talking about Celine I wouldn't stop.  I have seen her in concert all over the world many times and met her a couple times.  She is singing again in Las Vegas with a whole new show and it is beyond amazing.  There aren't many things in life that make me feel 12 years old again and the things that do are priceless.

This outfit was what I wore the first day we got there.  It is a casual outfit utilizing many pieces you have seen before.  We headed out for sushi in the Wynn.  I like layering bustiers and corsets with t-shirts for a more modest look.  These Miu Miu clogs took some heavy pavement pounding.  The denim shorts and tights combo always works for heavy traveling.  Stay tuned for more photos from Vegas!




Lace Studded Bustier



Charlotte Ronson Faux Fur Bolero - Snagged off

Kettle Black Studded Bustier - Snagged off

Joie Fuchsia Willa Party Skirt - Snagged off

Fendi Black Mary Jane Cutout Platforms - Snagged off

Chanel Star Cuff - Gift from Boyfriend

These photos were taken last night just as the rain clouds were rolling into Denver.  We shot on the deck and the sky seemed like something out of a painting. It was a relatively warm day where all I needed was a little faux fur to keep warm.  I wore the highest heels I own and trust me, you don't want to twist your ankle when you are wearing these babies.  It takes some work to walk in them, but I love how they look.  The cutout really takes the Mary Janes to a whole new sexy level.  This is one of my favorite skirts because I love the color.  Fuchsia and purple tones usually look really good on me and they bring out my girly side.  I have been going bare legged because I am so ready for warmer weather. 

I have been wanting a bustier for so long and when this studded bustier got marked down at Shopbop I snagged it.  It is well constructed and of course I can never get enough of the lace and studs together.  This faux fur bolero has been sitting in my closet unworn since last year even though when I got it I was totally smitten.  I used to save the things I really love, but now I realize life is short and you need to wear the hell out of what you love while you can so I pulled out my favorite faux fur.  As for jewelry, I kept it simple and wore a Chanel star cuff.  I cannot get enough of stars.  At my high school graduation I wore a star necklace and star barrettes in my hair and today stars are still my favorite jewelry design.

I was on the hunt for foxes, coyotes, and skunks with my binoculars and flashlight.  I didn't see anything, but during the summer I usually get some good action if I sit out on the deck with Cruiser at night.  One time a coyote came into the yard and looked like he wanted to play ball.  He sat right next to Cruiser's tennis ball on the lawn.  Another time I was up really early and I let Cruiser out.  I headed into the kitchen for some cereal and I heard him bark so I went back to the window and looked out.  It was dark, but I could see a coyote circling Cruiser over and over like he wanted to play with him.  I freaked out and called Cruiser in as the coyote started heading towards the door.  The best times to catch them in the backyard is at dusk or dawn and we took these photos right around nightfall.