Miu Miu Satin Daisy-Print Clogs

DSC_6413 DSC_6383

Miu Miu Satin Daisy Print Clogs in Beige/Pink - Snagged off for $248.25 (Retail: $495)

Henry Beguelin Rose Gold Hammered Disc Earrings - Gift from Boyfriend

LaRok LUXE Power Strutter Shorts in Abbey Stone - Snagged off for $117.60 (Retail: $168)

LNA Oversized Deep V Tee in White - Snagged off for $51.10 (Retail: $73.00)

I have fallen victim to the clog and it feels so good.  These clogs were marked down on the Neiman Marcus website in my size and it was a little hard to resist.  I ended up loving them more than I ever thought I would because they are so comfortable for walking.  My boyfriend actually thinks they are pretty cute too and he has seen a lot of shoes come into our household.  He also liked these LaRok Power Strutter shorts that I snagged off Shopbop.  That website will be the death of me, I swear.  I think the little bugle beads along the hem of the shorts is such a nice addition.  My LNA tees never seem to fail me when I need a quick top to throw on as I am heading out the door.  I like this one especially because it is so loose.  I am in love with these earrings and I have been wearing them almost every day.  They are the perfect rose gold color to go with my hair and skin tone.  When I saw them my heart melted and when I tried them on I knew they were for me.  My boyfriend seemed to agree and bought them for me when we were in Aspen, Colorado at the Henry Beguelin store.  He is way too good to me!  Anyway, I am stuffed from sharing an entire homemade tomato pesto pizza with my boyfriend so I think I will go and harass my dogs.  I like to wear them down before bedtime =)