Western Dreamer




















Dress - Foley + Corinna

Slip - Only Hearts

Bolo Tie - vintage

Boots - Lucchese

Hello everyone! We are having a huge snowstorm in Denver today and the people here are freaking out.  Lots of snow and everyone is shutting down their work places early.  When I lived in Fargo, North Dakota people would work through just about anything so I find this Denver scenario pretty amusing.  I remember one morning in North Dakota I was getting ready to go to work and I went out to my car and it was literally covered in 2 inches of ice.  I tried to chisel my way to the door handle, sprayed this stuff that is supposed to melt ice all over, and just banged away for a little while until I finally gave up and called in to work.  Plugging in your car was a daily routine there and also starting your car so it could warm up a half hour before you needed to drive it.  One time I had to go to school for a final in some math class and there was a blizzard, but school was not called off in Fargo.  Nope, we all went in and took the test.  When I finished and came out my car was stuck in the parking lot.  Luckily, some guy helped push me outta there and I just took off and gunned it right onto the road.  He told me I can't stop.  I just have to gun it to make it outta the snow.  

Enough about snow and ice, because I just hate that topic.  I figured I had to talk about the weather here as it is a big story.  I took these photos a few days ago before this catastrophe hit us.  I love this bolo tie.  The color is beautiful.  Also, cowboy boots are the most comfortable shoes I think I have ever worn.  I loved being in flat boots because I could explore things more whereas when I am in my heels it is nearly impossible to get down and dirty.  This dress is a favorite of mine.  I actually own it in black too.  I don't know why I do that.  If I really like something I will buy it in another color, but later I realize I should have just made a decision on one color.  If it is a basic item I think it is alright to buy more than one though =)  I really enjoyed taking these photos because I am much more of a tomboy/athletic girl.  When I was young I would go from playing Barbies to bike races with neighborhood kids to building forts in the woods.  I am a wild spirit at heart and very spontaneous.  Well, I hope it is sunny and nice wherever you are and all of you are in good health!