Balmain Buckle Boots


Balmain Buckle-Detailed Suede Boots in Black - Worn before here with Alexander Wang sweater and Maggie Ward shorts

McQ High-Waisted Leather Shorts in Black - Worn before here with Alexander Wang nautical pullover and Jean-Michel Cazabat boots and here with Alice + Olivia crochet tank and Alaia cutout wedges

A Moment In...Silent Blouse in Black - Snagged off for $196.35 (Retail: $744)

It was really difficult for us to find some serious shots from this photo shoot, but we managed to do it.  I really don't take myself that seriously, even if it looks like it in some photos.  I am definitely a little goofy and out there in a good way.  When I put this blouse on that reminds me of a cape I just couldn't stop smiling and laughing.  I really felt like a superhero or batwoman in these photos.  The outfit came together quite quickly, as I like my outfits to come together.  I realize sometimes when I look back on old posts that some outfits didn't work for me quite as well as others, but I like taking chances.  My blog is a place for me to have fun. 

This top is actually a silk blouse with a cape overlayer in silk that is attached and it has some cord tie in the front.  It is embarrassing for me to admit how long it took me to put this thing on the right way when it first arrived in the mail from Forward by Revolve.  They had some new markdowns and I had been eyeing this designer called ...A Moment In... for ages, but the prices were pretty expensive even for my tastes.  Their pieces are made in Belgium, which made them even more desirable to me.  My boyfriend and I were in Antwerp and Brussels a few years ago and enjoyed the cities very much.  This blouse exceeded all my expectations and it is going to be the perfect layering piece.  Sheer silk is always a favorite of mine. 

Since I was feeling such a superhero vibe I paired the cape blouse with some high waisted McQ leather shorts that you have seen me wear before.  I love these shorts and the zippers in the front are actually just for show.  There is a side zipper that is the functional one and it gets stuck sometimes.  It is the tiniest little zipper and I wish it was more like the front zippers so it worked better.  Miraculously the zipper zipped pretty quickly when I was in a hurry this time.  I wondered why these cute leather shorts by McQ ended up on the Outnet and now I can only conclude it was the zipper that drove people crazy.  These Balmain buckle boots were the last part of the outfit.  The shape of them is fabulous and they look like something a superhero might wear.  Again, the buckles are non-functional and these boots just slip on.  They are quite comfortable and even more glamorous up close.  I snagged them off the Outnet during a Balmain pop-up sale.  They are a statement piece and fun to wear.



Alaia Cutout-Wedge Suede Pumps




Alaia Cutout-Wedge Suede Pumps in Gray - Snagged off for $484 (Retail: $1210)

McQ High-Waisted Leather Shorts in Black - Worn before here with Alexander Wang nautical pullover

Alice + Olivia Sonia Crochet Chain Tank in Gray - Snagged off for $99 (Retail: $330)

Abercrombie & Fitch Parka in Gray - Shown in video and worn before here with Topshop aggie boots

*Frequently worn items pictured here include: Express Opaque Full Tights, Oliver Peoples Casella Sunglasses, Only Hearts Venice Lace Cup Bralette

We took these photos on a freakishly warm day here in Denver.  I wish the weather was still this great, but it sure beats Fargo weather.  I am wearing this cool chain tank by Alice + Olivia that I snagged in Shopbop's 70% off section.  The chain detailing can be cold against your skin, but I like it nonetheless.  I wore these McQ leather shorts again.  I am building quite the collection of leather shorts much to my boyfriend's amusement.  This pair is the most high waisted of the bunch and the shortest.  Last but not least, I snagged these Alaia cutout gray suede wedges during the Outnet's Alaia pop-up sale.  Somehow they always have my size on sale in shoes I want.  I love these wedges, but my boyfriend did not really like them until he photographed them.  Now he thinks they are pretty cool.  He wasn't sure about the 'notch' or cutout as I call it.  It looks like a dog took a bite out of them already!





McQ High-Waisted Leather Shorts



McQ High-Waisted Leather Shorts in Black - Snagged off (UK) for $320.25 (Retail: $915)

Alexander Wang Nautical Frill Pullover Sweater in Grey/Navy - Snagged off for $179 (Retail: $425)

Jean-Michel Cazabat Lara Peep-Toe Bootie in Charcoal Grey - Snagged off for $319 (Retail: $680?) and similar pair worn before here with Victorialand shirt and Chanel necklace

Express Opaque Full Tights in Black - Snagged from Express in the mall for $7.25 (Retail: $14.50)

I snagged these McQ leather shorts off theOutnet's UK site just so I could get them in my correct size.  Sometimes the same stuff pops up on the US and UK sites, but in different sizes so it is smart to check both.  I keep getting more leather shorts with different details, but they are all I want to wear right now.  This Alexander Wang pullover is nice and warm for fall nights and I like the different take on the nautical trend.  I have two pairs of these Jean-Michel Cazabat booties because they are very comfortable to walk in and this snakeskin pair happened to pop up on Gilt.  My other pair is in suede and more of a stone color, while these are a really dark gray, almost blue color.  The best tights I have ever found are from Express in the mall.  I go through a lot of tights, but I still have the same pair I got from Express and I have worn them a million times and never gotten a hole or snag in them.