Jil Sander Asymmetric Leather Sandals


Jil Sander Asymmetric Leather Sandals - Snagged off theOutnet.com

MINKPINK Zippora Dress in Black - Snagged off RevolveClothing.com

Pianegonda Wrap Around Cosmic Bracelet - Snagged off Gilt.com

Oliver Peoples Casella Oval Frames in Black/Gray Gradient - Gift from Boyfriend

For a flip flop lover like myself, these Jil Sander sandals are heaven on stilettos.  Yes, it is true that I have quite the collection of flip flops in addition to all my higher end heels, wedges, and boots.  I am a beach girl at heart and if I could I would probably live on a beach in the Caribbean sipping Mango Tangos for the rest of my life and be happy.  I heard these asymmetric sandals were hard to walk in, but for a flip flop master they are a breeze.  I have never loved a shoe more and I got them for quite a steal on theOutnet.  I think I like them so much because my feet are not constricted.  My toes can breathe! 

This MINKPINK dress is so comfortable and it was something easy to throw on in the heat.  I snagged this awesome bracelet by Pianegonda on the Gilt Group a while back and I really like it.  At first it bugged me that the brand name was engraved on it, but the cosmic qualities won me over in the end.  My boyfriend got me a pair of black shades by Oliver Peoples and I think they look pretty good on my face.  It is hard to buy people sunglasses and a lot of the ones I really love overpower my face and I have to send them back.  I also love black sunglasses, but brown ones usually look the best on me. 

I got my first ever migraine headache and it lasted for a few days and really wore me out.  I hope I never get one again.  Today is the first day I have been feeling pretty good.  We sent my mom some peach and pink roses for Mother's Day.  We also started planting our garden today.  I am so excited about it.  I like picking fresh romaine and spinach for our sandwiches in the summer.  On a side note, my guinea pigs got their nails clipped and both of my toy poodles got a dreaded bath and trim.  We also went on a walk today and a little wiener dog ran down a driveway barking and growling at us.  He came all the way out into the street and was trying to bite my boyfriend.  It was quite the scene and the owner never apologized or scolded the dog.  He could have bitten anyone, especially a small child.  The weirdest things happen to us on our walks.