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Well, today has been quite the eventful day for two reasons.  Number one is that I am featured in a New York newspaper called amNewYork.  You can see the online version of the article here.  I want to give a huge thanks to Perrie, the style editor, for asking me to be a part of this feature.  It is an honor to be featured next to so many fabulous bloggers. 

Another interesting thing happened to me today.  My boyfriend and I were snapping photos around town like we usually do and this time we happened to be near a house where an older gentleman had once lived.  He recently passed away and I only know this because suddenly the huge stuffed tiger he usually left sitting by his mailbox was gone and the N was removed from the garage door.  I am a very observant person and I had spoken with this man before on one of my daily walks.  He had a huge black cat that roamed the property and I would always ask him about it.  I knew he was gone for sure when they were having an estate sale at his property.  Since he's been gone I have hounded my boyfriend constantly by asking him, "What do you think happened to that guy's cat? Do you think any family or friends took it in?"  I love cats and I was worried about what had happened to this man's best friend.  Well, today when I was out there in my Alaia hiking boots I got my answer.  The cat came walking down that driveway right towards me and I knew right away it was him.  Sure, he was a few pounds lighter and meowing incessantly, but it was him.  We went back home and brought him some cat food and water.  I will be back to check on him tomorrow and all the days after that.  He needs a home.