We Love Colors

Curtain Call




Wayne Black Sequin Sweatshirt - snagged off shopbop.com in the 70% off section, which is my favorite sale section to peruse when boredom ensues.  bad for me, good for shopbop?

Kova & T Latex High Waisted Skirt - snagged off giltfuse.com

Adina Reyter Gold Snake Earrings - gift from boyfriend

Giuseppe Zanotti Cut-Out Lace Up Platforms - snagged off shopbop.com

We Love Colors Red Socks - snagged off welovecolors.com for $3.50 

I received so many wonderful comments on the last post that it was difficult for me to replace it with a new one, but the show must go on.  I have been wanting to pair these tuxedo platform shoes with a pair of brightly colored socks for a long time.  I love the bright red socks against the black and white.  I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit monochromatic so I opted for black.  I thought the baggy sequin sweatshirt needed to be balanced out on the bottom with something sleek and form-fitting.  A latex skirt seemed to do the trick, while at the same time bringing out the shiny sequins in the sweatshirt a little bit more.  I added the light, yet edgy gold snake earrings to my outfit at the very end to top it all off.

I have become infatuated with the idea of pairing socks with platform heels and the We Love Colors website is fulfilling that infatuation because it has 51 sock colors to choose from.  It has been pretty warm in Denver, up to 60 degrees some days so I had to forgo my usual black tights.  This was our first run with the new Nikon D300s and I think it went pretty well.  Oh, my favorite part besides the socks is probably my hair.  I did something different with it and I think it turned out pretty cute.  I don't experiment with my hair much, but I put it in a high ponytail in the center of my head and then I separated the ponytail into two strands, knotted once, twice, three times, and then I pinned the excess length in the back.  Now that I think about it my new updo reminds me of a cinnamon knot donut or one of those cinnamon rope glazed donuts.  Yummy!