Wet Seal

Boho Glamour













Bell Sleeve with lace trim Romantic Top - Wet Seal from 7 years ago (almost vintage)

Furry/Shaggy White Vest with pockets - Free People (snagged off Hautelook)

Black Zipper Jeans - J Brand  (snagged at a huge Saks in San Francisco)

Boyfriend's black checkered dress socks - snagged from his dresser drawer

Studded cutout platform heels - Prada (snagged from Neiman Marcus)

Black silk studded Choker - Free People

I was going for a bohemian look on a cold night out for sushi.  I was pretty much freezing in these photos, but I wanted to show off the outfit without a coat so you could see all the detail.  I love this furry vest and I thought I would really make it more bohemian by layering it over this bell sleeve top that I have had for a long time and still love today.  I chose to wear jeans due to the weather.  I think this will be the first time you guys see me in jeans.  I also tried the socks with platforms trend and I feel it worked out pretty well and kept my feet toasty warm.  The shoes need no explanation. Studs, platforms, and cutouts always make me swoon.  I plan on styling them many different ways.  For jewelry I opted for a studded silk choker to complete the hippie feel.  We finished off our sushi meal with red bean ice cream, one of my favorite desserts.  



Snow White Leopard















Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat - Express

Knit Bell Sleeve Sweater - Wet Seal

Lace Camisole - Hanky Panky

Body-Con Zipper Skirt - Bebe

Black Opaque Tights - Express

Lace Up Knee High Suede Boots - Giuseppe Zanotti

Gold Owl Necklace - Ben-Amun

This is the first sunny day we have had since my last post.  It still isn't warm enough for biking, but maybe tomorrow.  We went on a long walk today and saw my favorite creature, 'The Sidler.'  The Sidler is a Weimaraner whose real name is Lacy.  I gave her the nickname Sidler because she is a pretty vicious dog when you get to know her.  She sneaks up on walkers and does this whole sidestepping routine with three barks and a snarl at the very end.  Then she might do it a second time just for impact.  She is very sneaky and I think the only person she likes is her owner.  I am an idiot so one day I tried to pet her and she almost bit my finger off.  Never again my friends, never again.  She wears an electric collar and is always out in the yard so maybe that makes her go crazy.  The Sidler is still my favorite dog to see on our walks. You can see photos of him on my 'Poodles and Pigs' page. 

I love this faux fur jacket and also my owl necklace.  You can't see it in the photos, but his body is segmented and he moves around a lot.  This is a great piece to wear to work so you can annoy co-workers because his body rattles around, haha =)  It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine gives that guy Tic Tacs so she can hear when he is approaching.  Man, the simple things in life really are the best, aren't they?  The sweater I am wearing seems really 90s to me in a cropped, bell sleeve sorta way.  I am in love with it.  We also took some photos so you can really see the lace up detail on the back of my boots.