Wooden Ships

Gucci Kills Open-Toe Ankle Boots


Gucci Kills Open-Toe Ankle Boots in Black - Worn before here with Grey Ant dress and Madison Marcus blazer

Alice + Olivia Sequin Leggings in Black - Snagged off Gilt.com for $99 (Retail: $298)

Thayer Men's Shirt in Army Green - Worn before here with Balmain lace-up ankle boots and Balmain bullet belt

Halston Heritage Faux Fur Vest in Jet - Snagged off RueLaLa.com for $100 (Retail: $375)

Wooden Ships Cable Car Fingerless Gloves in Black - Courtesy of Lara at Wooden-Ships.com

So everyone wants to know how to dress down sequins, right?  I mean, why save your sequin dresses and sequin leggings for special ocassions only?  This is my take on dressing down sequins.  These Alice + Olivia sequin leggings are the best quality sequin leggins I have come across.  I also bought the ones by Express, but I thought they were a little itchy and I didn't like the way the sequins laid.  I personally love mixing military and army green things with sequins.  This canvas shirt by Thayer was the perfect thing to contrast with the shiny sequins.  It is almost the opposite, quite dull and not shiny at all.  I love this canvas shirt, but it is quite hard to work with because the material is so stiff.  I first tried to layer a jacket or coat over it and there was no way in hell it was going over the sleeves of this shirt. 

I gave up on that and had an ah-ha moment when I saw this Halston Heritage faux fur vest slung over my bedpost.  It went right over this shirt and I liked how it tied the black sequins back into the outfit due to it also being black.  I ordered this faux fur vest a couple sizes bigger than what I normally wear and I am so happy that I did that.  All my other faux fur vests are shorter and I wanted a longer length on this one for layering over leggings.  It was my first piece by Halston Heritage, but I have to say I am quite impressed by the quality so I will definitely be back for more.  One thing that blogging has helped me with in terms of shopping and my wardrobe is the way things hang on your body.  If you want things to hang a certain way you should order a size or two up and really pay attention to how it looks on the model.  I try to think about how I am going to incorporate the item into my wardrobe and style it and that helps me determine if I want a true to size fit or a little looser fit.

For shoes I chose these Gucci kills platform ankle boots.  These really look like they could kill a man so I can see why they chose to use 'kills' in the name of the boots.  They look like they would be treacherous to walk in, but trust me, these are seriously comfortable boots.  I think it is due to the platform, but I do find most Gucci shoes to be extremely comfortable.  I like the angle on the stiletto heel on these.  It just looks cool and people probably think you are in pain when they see you in these, but you are not.  They look glamorous, but they are made for walking.  The stretch leather around the ankle and foot also help for comfort.

I needed something to keep my hands and arms warm so I folded up the sleeves of my Thayer army shirt and put on these soft cable car fingerless gloves that Lara of Wooden Ships sent me.  Thank you Lara! These are such gorgeous gloves.  Lara contacted me and let me pick out an item from the Wooden Ships collection and I picked out these gloves in black.  I was not disappointed.  The quality is fabulous and when I say they are soft I am not kidding.  I love the cable knit and of course the way they bunch up on your arm.  I was looking for gloves like this for so long so I am happy Wooden Ships had the perfect pair available. 

Lara from Wooden Ships is offering all Fashion Snag readers a 20 percent discount on these cable car fingerless gloves.  All you have to do is become a fan of Wooden Ships on Facebook here.  You can order the gloves by calling 1-888-717-6700.  They come in a variety of colors as well.







Lug Sole



American Apparel Slate Short Sleeve Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress - Snagged online at AmericanApparel.com

Elizabeth and James Black/Tapestry Green Wool Ivy Blazer - Snagged off Gilt.com

Danskin Black Tights - Snagged off Danskin.com

Gara Danielle Blue Coral Tassel Earrings - Snagged off Gilt.com

Camilla Skovgaard Taupe Open Toe Ankle Booties with Lug Platform - Gift from Boyfriend off Shopbop.com

Wooden Ships Gray Starstitch Bow Beret - Snagged off FreePeople.com

My boyfriend and I went out for movie night on Wednesday and had a blast.  We went to Landmark Theatres where you can get VIP seating and services for a little extra money.  Imagine free flowing buttery movie theater style popcorn and soda brought to your seat all throughout the movie.  The only downside was my bladder.  I missed a few parts in the movie due to some bathroom pit stops.  Too much soda can do that, but you need some with the buttery, salty popcorn. 

I think I was the most dressed up one at the movie theater, but that's okay.  I wanted to look good for our date night, yet still be comfy for the long movie.  I decided to break out an American Apparel dress as that is somewhat of a fashion blogger must, right?  It seems like everyone owns one and it is a perfect little dress.  I have it in black too, but I wanted to wear it in gray for a change.  I absolutely love this Elizabeth and James blazer.  I think the color and fit is gorgeous.  The only downside was all the time I spent steaming it when it arrived from Gilt.  You never realize how much of a workout steaming can be until you try to steam a wool blazer.  My arms were pretty sore since I am quite the perfectionist in getting every wrinkle and crease out. 

The shoes are my favorite part of the outfit.  Look at the tread and traction on the soles of these beauties.  I could have walked painlessly for miles and looked chic at the same time.  I love Camilla's shoes and this particular pair is great when there is some moisture on the ground.  That rubber sole works wonders.  These earrings were a cute addition to really top off the outfit.  I really like the color of them and the gold tassel.  This beret is extra soft and comfy and added some extra warmth from the cool air.

Teddi decided to join in on some photos so I hope you don't mind.  She was inspecting my outfit for the night, but wasn't too happy with it since (as you can see) she prefers the "au naturel" look.  She always gets nervous when she knows I am leaving the house and going out for the night.  She prefers me to stay at home and play with her and all her favorite toys.